BlueStreams Group (BSG) Federal Buying Vehicles: We work with industry distributor partners to offer products and services through a wide variety of federal government contracting vehicles.

As a minimum, BSG is an Authorized Participating Dealer on United States General Services Administration (GSA) contracts including GSA Schedule 70. BSG participation on federal government contracts provides many of our eligible federal clients with access to cost-effective, innovative solutions for information technology (IT) requirements.

We’re familiar with Government processes and timelines; and BSG is an Authorized Participating Dealer on the following contracts:

  • immixGroup: Red Hat, Inc. – GSA (GS-35F-0511T)

  • immixGroup: Cisco Systems, Inc. – GSA (GS-35F-0511T)

  • Carahsoft Adobe products on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0119Y

  • immixGroup: ESI BPM (IBM) – DABL01-03-A-1006

The Department of Army and immixGroup, Inc. entered into a Department of Defense (DoD)-wide Enterprise License Agreement for IBM software brands are available to the following agencies or organizations within the United States of America DoD:

  • United States Transportation Command;

  • Office of the Secretary of Defense;

  •  Defense Logistics Agency;

  •  Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff;

  •  United States Army;

  •  Defense Information Systems Agency;

  •   Defense Contract Management Agency; and

  •  Defense Finance and Accounting Services