Together with our unique partner ecosystem, we help organizations accelerate DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION


BlueStreams Group is not solely about consulting and technology. We are a mindset brand – present in humanity endeavor, helping to solve complicated problems through collaboration with top executives, innovation and deep industry knowledge.

BlueStreams Group is guided by four principles: customer value creation, passion for creative problem solving, commitment to operational excellence, and respect for individual.  We are an American professional services company headquartered in Washington, DC., that provides strategy, operations, business technology, and resale of IT hardware and software. For these reasons, we and our flexible ecosystem of manufacturers, integrators, and consulting partners are helping customers leverage scarce resources and technology-forward mindset to create value for their business.

We are answering real business challenges for our customers with strategic technology partners through end-to-end automation, platform-as-a-service, cloud, and small team of top-flight engineers. We are helping our customers make significant improvements to their strategy, marketing & sales, digital transformation performance, and realize their most important goals. 

Unlike other professional services companies, our slate of professional services experts are measured based on the impact they have with customers, rather than commercial metrics such as hours billed. This means we have every reason to bring you the best of our company.